Introducing Caffeinated

the beautiful, full featured, Google Reader client for Mac OS X 10.6.6+, built from the ground up using the latest Mac OS X technologies.

Always stay up-to-date

Using a custom Google Reader API, Caffeinated will always be up to date and seamlessly sync with your Google Reader account *.

Using the latest Mac OS X technologies, this is all achieved without interrupting your reading experience.

* Caffeinated uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate with your Google Account and does not see or store your password.


Want to let the world know what you're reading?

Caffeinated supports social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as saving article services such as Read It Later and Instapaper.


With fast, easy, application wide search, you can quickly and efficiently find what you are seeking.

Utilising the power of your Mac and Grand Central Dispatch, Caffeinated will search your entire database within milliseconds.

* Dependent on your local database size

Tailoring Tools

Helvetica is not for everyone, or maybe you find the font too small. Caffeinated holds a powerful themeing engine* which allows the users to customise the fonts, size, line height and even column count on each individual theme. For blog ownners, customize things for your specific blog. Learn about starting a blog for money and then integrate with the reader.

* Theme documentation available soon.


Caffeinated features a wide range of Preferences that can be customised to suit your needs.

You will also find a slick, easy to use shortcut system that will allow you to record and customise your own keyboard shortcuts.


With a click of a button, Caffeinated will grab the full article and present it within the article you're are currently reading. This is an open source project and can be forked here.


If you close Caffeinated, next time you launch, it will continue right from where you left off.

Archived Changes

Lose connection when trying to sync? Caffeinated archives local changes so next time you're connected to the internet, it will seamlessly sync what you have changed.


Caffeinated supports Fullscreen mode in 10.7 Lion. In preferences you can set wether the application is inset or not within fullscreen mode.

Subscription Search

Want more news regarding a certain subject? Use the build in subscription finder to quickly find other sources of information to subscribe to.

Click For Flash

Everyone knows flash is a CPU killer. Caffeinated supports basic click for flash within the article so save on your valuable resources.